This year the inspiration for @36daysoftype series, 
comes as a tribute to my beloved 8 bits videogames.

Hope you enjoy the trip as much as i had enjoy doing it.

A - Art of fighting, SNK 1992. 
I cannot remember how much money i spend on this Beat'em Up.
one of my favorite Arcade games ever.
Letter A - Animation

B - Bubble Bobble, Taito 1988 
That soundtrack is a flashback to my childhood, 
one of my all time favorite platform game.
Letter B - Animation

C - Castlevania IV, Konami 1991 
The struggles between Belmont family against Dracula, always in my heart.
Letter C - Animation

D - Donkey Kong, Nintendo 1981 
Maybe the first game i remember to play.
Letter D - Animation

E - Equinox 1993 Sony Music
Hard as hell dungeon exploration adventure, 
but beautifully crafted on an awesome isometric perspective
Letter E - Animation

F - Street Fighter II Bonus Stage Capcom 1992
 I love this bonus stage and smash as much barrels as i can.
Letter F - Animation

G - Ghouls’n Ghosts, Capcom 1992
I had never ever can finish this game playing on super nintendo
...but how fun was trying it 
Letter G - Animation

H - Harvest Moon 1996 Nintendo
So much time taking care of the harvest 
to sell it during spring festival.
Letter H - Animation
I will love to finish the alphabet soon, so stay tuned :)
Thanks for watching!

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